In an era that there are Oscars for best make-up and best movie editing, the space for live theatre is getting smaller. People don’t go to see the stage version of classics like Romeo and Juliet if we can have stream the Leonardo DiCaprio’s version on Netflix. But, are movies so much better than live theatre that humanity can evolve to the point where there will be no need for on stage actors anymore?

The Past Belongs to Live/Acting Theatres…!

For centuries, live theatre has been one of the main sources of entertainment around the world. Sure, culture and local history played a fundamental role in diversifying the art of writing and acting plays. Nowadays we have classical theatre, with current productions of plays written by Shakespeare to Ibsen, and we have contemporary plays and musicals so famous that they have open-ended shows for one or two decades now.

live theater

There is a thrill when you go to a play and you see the live action of a story, be it comedy or tragedy, unfolding right before your eyes and the live music makes goosebumps pop out from your skin to the point that you’re overridden by your emotions. You get sucked in the story and you don’t even notice time flying by. You just focus and experience the raw feelings washing you out. You can see, feel the expressions and actions of the actors and the singers. You get hypnotised by the colours and the movements on stage.

Live Theatre’s Tiny Bright Future

Live theatre has not died and is far away from its grave. It’s always been renewed, with different ideas of showing bits and pieces of an imaginary world that can be fantasied about or related to. Broadway is one of the biggest examples of how theatre is still successful, how it’s still sought after and how it’s an actual source of entertainment for everyone.

The Future Belongs to Online Streaming Movies!

And then, 0n “scene” showed up free online movies. Movies as we know them, is around a century old, give or take a couple of years. And like live theatre, it has evolved to the point that the genres and subgenres categories to choose from seem infinite.

From the VHS to Netflix, movies became and still are easier to get a hold of than go to a good play or musical.
Movies can be more appealing to a target audience than theatre in general, not only because of the easy access, but because they because somewhat a part of everyday life while theatre is branded to be a cultural outing.

There are perks of movie theatres of course, they are cheaper than going to a play or a musical most of the time, the resolution of the motion picture is bigger and better, the acoustics are spectacular so nobody misses anything.

Additionally, movies are a form of art that cannot be replicated on stage most of the time. There wouldn’t be any explosions and guns in 007 if it weren’t for special effects. There would be no Lord of the Rings or superhero franchises that captivated audiences around the world. Special effects are a very important part of the cinematic reality and without it there wouldn’t be this wonderland that is available to everyone.

What’s The Best Practice?

However, screening live plays, musicals and concerts in a movie theatre is becoming a common practise over the years. With this type of technology, people don’t have to be in New York to go see Wicked or The Phantom of the Opera, they don’t have to be in London to see Othello or Romeo and Juliet at the Globe Theatre.

This practise can be a way to reach to a bigger and versatile audience worldwide. Therefore, there is no doubt that live theatre is better than movie theatre and vice-versa. They are two different concepts that have been merging for some time and are of great importance for art and contemporary expression.

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